Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Ever Happened to Home Birthday Parties?

Over the years something has happened to the Kid's Birthday industry.

Gone are the days when gathering 10 kids in the backyard with a Banana slide and some birthday cake did the trick.

The latest birthday parties include some form of entertainment which usually means going to an indoor playground type place with pizza, lootbags, cake and having it all wrapped up in 2hrs flat. Not even enough time to open gifts!

Wasn't that the best part of your birthday party???

This year, to my amazement when I asked my 6 year old what she wanted to do for her birthday, she rejected the swimming party at the community center and the skating party at the local rink that I suggested. Instead she wanted a home party with her closest friends.

It was a little tight in our tiny basement but I managed to give her the best of both worlds. I hired a Hannah Montana look alike ordered some pizza and made her an awesome Hannah Montana Cake.

She watched me as I carefully decorated her cake, making it extra special for her. And I watched her as she ate every last crumb of cake on her plate, savoring every bite as she ate it proudly, knowing the care I put into making her special cake.

Next time you have a child's birthday party to plan, think about taking a little time and making something special for your little ones from your heart. It'll be memories they'll hold onto forever.


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  2. You are an old fashioned mom at heart Anna! :)
    Unfortunatley, I think you are right and it's become about 'bigger and better' and whats lost is quality time on your special day!
    I think this years party memories will last a life time.
    Your cake turned out just perfect and you have a beautiful little girl!

  3. Oh, what a nice birthday party. This is the only kind we've actually had, I guess because we have so many kids, we never thought about a birthday party anywhere but here. Your cake turned out beautiful, and I'm sure your daughter will have wonderful memories of this day.