Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ahh Oui Pariee!

On my first of a 3 part series how could I not write about my Macaron Indulgences.

This was my first visit to Paris and definitely not my last. Everything from the architecture to the design to the food was "rich". I felt as though I only got a taste of what is one of the most amazing places I've ever visited.

But one of the reasons why I visited Paris was the Macaron... ooooh the Macaron. I wanted to see and taste first hand what they were like in Paris. Time was limited so I wasn't able to seek out some of the specific Macaron shops but quite honestly, I didn't need to. Every patisserie, cafe, grocery store... even the ballet displayed these lovely deserts.

ahhh the Macaron tree

This photo was taken at Paul - our favorite place for our daily pastry fix

And the taste.... mmmm.

Not only did they taste amazing, have a perfect crunchy delicate shell and the most delicious soft center... the way they were displayed and packaged was incredible.

I was soooo inspired by these little colorful jewels I went out and bought myself a Macaron book written entirely in French! I can't wait to make some of them and post them here.

Hello Google translator!