Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall knits

Just a few years back, I was introduced to the wonderful world of knitting thanks to my incredibly talented Mother In Law. I was amazed to find all the beautiful things that could come from a couple of skeins of yarn. When I first started exploring, I found this exceptional knit Designer, Debbie Bliss. I was amazed to find a fine collection of wools, cottons, silks and cashmere's, as well as new and stylish patterns and books available.
Since Fall is just about here, all i can think of is bundling up under a warm knit sweater. I have yet to complete my first sweater, but I have a small collections of scarves, and working on a hat. But I absolutely can't wait to get good enough to conquer some of these below. You can visit Debbie Bliss's site to view a collections of the yarns and books available. But I would suggest a trip to your local knitting store to truly appreciate this very fine art of fabric making.


  1. Just beautiful!

    Thanks for the sweet words....enjoy your little's sad when they are all grown up on one hand, and on the other, a tremendous blessing!


  2. I love to knit although I have never been able to complete a sweater and like you I have made some gorgeous Chloe like scarves and stuff. I can knit and do just about everything except...lord forbid I should make a mistake or get stuck somewhere. At that point I am done, finished, finito, cooked! It's a nightmare:-)

  3. me too, although it never really gets cold enough to wear anything too thick here.

  4. You are so welcome Renae.. I know I should take it easy..

    Charlie, trust me I have left things for a year - and then my Mother In Law comes along and shows me the ropes..

    Paula - you need to take a trip to Canada..:-)

  5. Ahh, yes, Gilt Groupe is definitely a guilt pleasure ;) If you love fashion, you'll love being a member. It's like Christmas in your e-mail every morning!

  6. great blog

    thanks for stopping by!

    i do go to Queen's and i LOVE knits, especially chunky ones for winter

  7. Oh, yes yes yes!! Having just learned to really knit last year, I am currently besotted with the activity! I'm knitting all my Christmas presents and I absolutely lose my mind when I visit my favourite yarn shop! Oh the possibilities!!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog, and for your sweet comment. I am glad you led me here. I know I shall visit often!

  8. Dear Vitania,
    thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment. Your blog is very cute.. I'll be back here :)
    wish you a great day!

  9. I'll take the last one please. thanks for your comment.